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Brian Panish Shares What It Takes To Become A Trial Lawyer Champion

"I am all about competition — and I think as a Trial Lawyer, you could continue to get better. All true champions are behind, they are striving to do better. And I think all of us could do better, especially in this practice of law." - Brian Panish

R. Rex Parris On Achieving A Level of Unconscious Competence

"Being a great lawyer — there’s a lot of skills you need to be competent at… It’s got to be unconscious competence — it rises when you need it. It takes a lot of work…" - R. Rex Parris

Why Nicholas Rowley Supports Trial Lawyers University

"In 2005, I met Dan Ambrose — and the one thing that I saw in Dan, he was obsessed with finding, perfecting and developing a method that would help train other Trial Lawyers." -Nicholas Rowley

See a Trial in a Day

"I have learned so much from watching trial masters sharing their ideas. The tips and strategies have helped make me a better lawyer because i have had a chance to see  trial lawyers in action and explain what they are doing and why. It feels like in just a few hours, I have gained years of experience."

Justin Kahn - Charleston, SC

“Dan Ambrose has proved time and again that he is the mastermind of bringing together the best methods for taking trial lawyers to the next level. From trial practice workshops to online seminars featuring the best trial lawyers from around the country – every program I’ve attended has taught me new ways of looking at trial practice and has made me not only a better lawyer but, also a lawyer who is more excited and confident about the practice of law.”

Dani Liblang - Birmingham, MI

"I spent three years in law school, and nearly 15 years in practice, but nothing has taught me more about how to be a lawyer than Virtual Case Analysis. Watching great trial lawyers unpack their cases from voir dire to verdict has been valuable beyond measure. I cannot wait for courts to re-open so I can put into practice the skills I have learned through Virtual Case Analysis. This is not a typical CLE with lawyers talking themselves up, these programs offer step-by-step training to make you better."

Ari Moss - Los Angeles, CA